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IT Sicherheit //

“Cyber security” comprises a number of guidelines, concepts and measures in order to protect personal data. “Cyber security combines technical and organizational aspects such as security systems, process definitions, guidelines or specifications. Also trainings aiming to sensitize employees play an important role.”


Comprehensive security concepts are necessary in order to effectively protect people and organizations. In this context, it is by no means only a matter of recording all potential sources of danger – that goes without saying. It is necessary to take into account all organizational aspects in this specific field of a company.



Atlas Solutions offers you the following possibilities:


  • Consulting and planning

  • Implementation of various projects

  • Assistance with existing systems

IT infrastructure

  • Procurement of goods (hardware and software)

  • Planning & conception of computer / network


Private and/or business networks

  • Internet setup (DSL / VDSL)

  • Trainings / seminars

  • Office applications

  • Secure handling of unknown data


IT security

  • Data security (backup solutions)

  • Anti-virus software



  • Installation and configuration of various servers

  • Maintenance

  • Virtualization (Hyper-V)



  • Remote maintenance

  • On-site service


  • Maintenance contracts

  • Holiday and illness replacement


In case your IT staff member is not available, we will also offer you support either remotely or on site at short notice in order to secure your operations. Our team will also be able to handle bottlenecks such as holiday replacements in a qualified manner.


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