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Property protection //

The central organization of tasks such as identity control, key allocation or the processing of deliveries is becoming more and more important for professionally working companies and should, especially from a security point of view, not be left to chance.



Additionally, companies increasingly face the need to protect themselves against external influences and dangers. Just a few examples which show the need for measures such as property protection and factory security are burglaries, willful destruction, industry espionage but also the monitoring of sensitive, failure-prone technology.



Being you security service provider, we would be happy to create a suitable concept for you!



Our services in the fields of object protection and plant security comprise:


  • Guard and patrol services

  • Watch and locking service

  • Gatekeeper services

  • Access controls

  • ID and key issuance

  • Processing of deliveries

  • Monitoring of building technology

  • Doorman

  • Supervisory services

  • Shop detectives

  • Building site supervision

  • Fire protection

  • Dog handlers

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