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Fidelity is still considered a high value of love. It is the ideal of any pair of lovers.


Sexual unfaithfulness is likely to appear in almost every relationship: statistics show that about 25 percent of all women and 40 percent of all men have been unfaithful at least once to their partner. The trend is rising.


And this is how an affair may become the breaking point of the relationship. There is nothing which is more critically valued and more strongly morally condemned than an affair. Still today. Even if couples have drifted apart, no longer show any interest in each other, live without emotion side by side – bored, cold-hearted and without talking any more – all this is bearable: sexual unfaithfulness, however, is not.


Alarm signals of unfaithfulness:

  • phone calls are more often conducted privately


  • partners stay up late and use the computer while everyone else is in bed

  • longer working hours

  • more meetings in the evening

  • a sudden and intense interest in a new activity which is pursued without the partner on purpose


  • sudden change in hairstyle or clothing


  • efforts to lose some weight

  • higher expenditures on restaurants

  • imbalanced and inconsistent behavior towards children

  • unforeseeable behavior which can sometimes be dismissive and critical and at other times extensively affectionate

  • possibly increased sexual interest or more passionate sex with new techniques being tried out

  • avoiding any sexual activities with the partner by finding excuses

  • avoiding time in pairs



Our offer


Measures which we use to test the fidelity of your partner:


  1. Dating apps/dating portals/social mMedia

  2. Fidelity test via meetings

  3. Fidelity test via observation

The specially trained personnel from our security service team shows a high degree of professionalism and success in the field of surveillance.


Our staff conducting the tests consists of absolute professionals in their individual fields. Together with you and the testers, we plan the detailed processing and method.

All information will be documented and handed over completely.


In the field of social media and the world of digital dating apps, we only use real accounts of real persons in order to prevent any suspicion of fake accounts. 

We invite you to trust in our expertise and our professionalism. We provide you with certainty.


An increasing number of people are trying to find their personal luck via dating portals or apps. Even married or people in a relationship cannot resist the temptation and register themselves online. However, it is not only on the internet but also in real life that your partner may meet someone new. And also in this case, no message exchange goes unheard, no matter whether via SMS, iMessage or WhatsApp. And the more time your partner spends with his or her mobile phone, the more suspicious he or she becomes. Let us find out together, whom your partner is texting with or to whom he or she is even sending some “hot” pictures.

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