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Security concepts //

A security concept is an analysis of possible attack and damage scenarios with the aim of achieving a defined level of protection. There is a need to distinguish between security against malicious attacks and security against human and technical failure.




A structured approach is the common feature of all security concepts:


  • Defining the object to be protected as well as the protective aim

  • Analysis of possible threats / damage scenarios / dangers

  • Evaluation of the probability of occurrence and the potential severity of damage as well as defining the expected damage value

  • Developing measures to reduce the probability of occurrence / amount of damage


  • Planning of measures and provision of means for damage control and containment in case the risk becomes imminent

  • Defining, approval and financial protection of the acceptable residual risk


Even a well-developed security concept is not able to completely eliminate all residual risk. For this reason, a crisis and disaster management often constitutes the logical consequence in order to protect lives and material assets in the best possible way in case of an emergency. It is thus part of a comprehensive security concept.

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