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Personal protection - CPT

Our professionally trained team for personal protection has experience in the official and military area as well as in private diplomatic personal protection such as in crisis areas (e.g. Iraq).


We offer you preventive consulting in the field of preventive measures and specific support in threat situations.


We are working both on a national and international level for all our clients.


Our area of operation covers all of a protected person’s life (such as business, private, travel, events, …). We are working together with our experts in Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and Central, South and North America.


Our range of services includes, amongst others:


  • Risk and hazard analysis

  • Implementation of security concepts in crisis areas 

  • Creation of holistic protection concepts for private persons or companies

  • Professional performance and implementation of agreed protection concepts and security measures

  • Personal accompaniment for protection

  • Transport service including protective accompaniment

  • Individual solutions for the protection of children or personal homes

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