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The founders of Atlas Solutions are in the situation to look back on careers in the military field and as former police officers, in which a wide range of special operations needs to be pointed out in particular. In this way, the operational excellence of the founders with regard to security issues is ensured by relevant training and seminars, professional positions and experience. This also includes the personal protection of important German politicians and state guests, diplomatic personal protection in crisis areas, military missions abroad as well as other police and military operations with special tasks. Additionally, our founders were employed in trainer and instructor activities for special units, but also for other military units and police forces.


Furthermore, our founders complement their specific know-how in the field of security based on concrete experience with direct entrepreneurial value. They could, for example, gain experience in leading positions, such as being officers-in charge with the police for top-class (major) events, diplomatic personal protection in Iraq or personal protection at government level.


With its offer, Atlas Solutions clearly differentiates itself from other security companies based on the first-class quality and the highly individualized orientation towards customer specific solutions for your security. For this, a special attention is paid to services offered in crisis or war zones.


The training sector is another area served by Atlas Solutions. On a regular basis, we offer various courses on the topics of tactics, shooting in general  and medic. Our main addressees in this field are police, military and private security. 


In summary, the founding team of Atlas Solutions without any exception holds the expertise, knowledge and resources to perform operational tasks in form of a business idea. Besides this, they are able to successfully handle problems of leadership, business administration, as well as - through complementary qualifications - graphic and web design together with online marketing.

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